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What Others are Saying About the Dryerbox
Daniel Peterson, Homeowner - Apex, NC
"LOVE the Dryerbox--wish we knew about it years ago! I just had a friend install the Dryerbox this morning and we absolutely love it! We have been enduring a crimped dryer vent hose for nearly 13 years in our current house!! The Dryerbox allows us to use the space in the wall between the studs--we have all the space we need and it will no longer be a cleaning and fire hazard--we HIGHLY recommend the Dryerbox."
Scott Womer, Homebuilder - Centre Hall, PA
"This is one of those products that has been needed in the building industry for a long time. We've had washer boxes for a neat and easy installation and the dryer box now gives us the same option. They work great and I'll be using them from now on. I'm even going to retro fit one into my own house."
Todd Walton, Remodeler - Springfield, IL
"The Dryerbox is a great invention. We installed this in a new laundry room in an exisitng residence and the owner thought it was great when she saw it installed. The wall pan was easily painted to match the appliance. The owner especially like the fact the dryer could be almost against the wall. I can say this is an easy quality upgrade and we will be using them from here forward."
Michael J. Flanagan, Architect / Homebuilder - Pomona, CA
“Our local builder divisions specify the Dryerbox.  I personally installed a Dryerbox and a long sweep 90 in my own home and am pleased with what they accomplish and their ease of installation.”
Brian Vierra, S. C. PLUMBING Ltd. - Lahaina, Maui, HI
“I work on lots of custom homes here and there is no question as to what we are going to install, from the contractor to the drywall to the painter they all prefer working with THE DRYERBOX.”
Robert Hecox, Carpenter - Sequim WA
“I've been in the construction business for 40 years as a carpenter/builder and am totally stoked with both your Dryerbox and your Dryer-ell.  These two items represent significant improvements in duct ventilation and should make a huge difference in energy savings as well as reducing the fire potential.  Fires caused by the dryer are serious issues that affect all of us one way or the other.   If your company was public, I'd buy a ton of stock in it.  This is the biggest No-Brainer I've seen in a long time.”
Dean Junk, Homeowner - Des Moines, IA
“I received it in great condition and installed it over the weekend. It was a breeze to install and definitely does the job as advertised. Thanks for a great product! My dryer finally vents the way it is supposed to and now it sits flush with the washer.”
Lt. David Romano - Wallingford, CT
“I have been in the fire service for over 20 years both as a volunteer and now a career fire lieutenant and have been to many a dryer fire. The importance of dryer venting and lint build up is often ignored. It's a relief and refreshing to have come across your product. It's an obvious solution to lessening the fire hazard relating to the dryer. Nice product!”
James & Morris Carey - AP Syndicated Columnist
“We believe The Dryerbox to be a groundbreaking invention and a space-saver of the highest order.”
Joe Nuccio Sr. - Nuccio Heating & Air Cond'tg, Tampa, FL
Great concept, helped us in application problems by eliminating one elbow… been installing The Dryerbox for over four years now in over 2,000 homes.”
Rick Bush - Exec VP of Purchasing, Town & Country Homes
“I’ve been waiting for this fix for quite some time. The Dryerbox takes care of that nasty space problem behind the dryer and is already specified for our upcoming communities. I put one in my house too.”
Ken Martin - Ken's Heating & Cooling, Manahawkin, NJ
"We were always having to repair or replace the 90 degree elbow at punch-out due to all the trades messing with it or kicking it.  With The Dryerbox, there is nothing that can get damaged and it saves me it's value in punch-out labor besides providing an additional five feet of run credit."
Jeff Martin - Jeff Martin Fine Homes, Danville, IN
"I have spent my entire career (26 years) building houses and I wish I'd had your Dryerbox years ago. Making that dryer vent connection in a tight washer/dryer closet was one of my biggest headaches. Your Dryerbox is ingenious in it's simplicity."
Gary Busch - Tech Co., Summit Chalet Prop., Littleton, CO
"We are a semi-custom to custom home builder in the Denver area. We build between 12 and 18 homes per year. Our typical product is between 4,000 and 14,000 sq. ft. and in the price range of $900k to $3.5 million. We've been using your dryer box for about 3 years now and it never ceases to amaze me how this new feature is noticed by customers in these new homes. Thank you for fostering this great idea into the product that it is today. Thanks again, ‘a repeat, repeat, repeat customer’"
Justin Rumley - OPN Architects, Inc.
My problem was that the space behind my new dryer was not sufficient to allow the flex pipe to properly vent. Unwilling to settle for a different dryer I “Googled it” for a solution and ran across the Dryerbox. It was the perfect solution… simple yet very effective.
Alex Nepogoda - Small Builder in NY
"If you are the inventor, I just wanted to say that this product is a great service to mankind."
Nicholas Steer, Pine Glen Developers Inc - Atco, NJ
"I went to your website this AM to order a dryer box. I had not been there for some time. Your site is as fantastic, informative & top notch as your products. I am doing an installation on a stack able unit and would have ordered the wrong thing except for the footnotes on the site. But, not only did you stop me from ordering the wrong thing, you showed me how to do it right. I wish I could order everything I needed from your company. Thanks again for a great product & an outstanding website."
John Sansonetti - New Port Richey, FL
"WOW, This is the best customer service I have had in a very long time.  Thank you so much for taking care of this for me.  Have a great day.  You all are the BEST."
Scott Sheeler - Loveland, CO
"The order arrived fast and n good order. I was really impressed with the sturdy nature of their construction - they're quite substantial and surprisingly heavy. I was more expecting a flimsy, tin box but instead received a tough-feeling box that will easily survive the rigors of the construction phase and provide a solid support for our dryer exhaust."
Gary Sharits, Homeowner - New Port Richey, FL
"Let me first tell you that I don't take the time to write product reviews very often, but I really am genuinely impressed and wanted to take this opportunity to applaud the dryer ventilation products that you sell.  After some research, I found your site which not only identified the source of the problem that I was having, but provided a significant solution to it.  The whole installation process has saved us lots of time, not to mention the fact that the dryer doesn't run as long, so we are saving on the electric bill as well.  Thank you for providing such well engineered products.  I do hope that a lot of new homes are being constructed with your products as this will certainly save the new home owners quite a bit in the long run and be good for the environment.  Thanks again."
Maryland Engineer, Prefers to Remain Anonymous
"My firm is engineering a large project in the northeast with serious length-of-run issues for the dryer.  The combination of your long turn Dryer-Ell and Dryerbox receptacle are making the difficult laundry room locations possible in this project."
Jeff Lothian, VP Product Dev't Tech - Olympic USA
“We have installed The Dryerbox in over 2,000 homes. Besides the many obvious benefits, The Dryerbox allows us to use the new, deeper, front-loading washer and dryers without redesigning many of our laundry rooms.  The Dryer Box allows us locate the units right up against the wall. Without The Dryerbox these particular units would extend too far into the laundry room interrupting door swings.”
Jerry Smilen Jr., Superintendent - Arvida Corp., Weston, FL
"Your dryer vent box product really pulled me out of a jamb. In our communities in Weston we were incorporating a dryer vent box in our laundry rooms that gave us the additional room in our walkways to the garage by allowing us to move the dryer back against the wall with out kinking the vent hose. However, there are many models of our homes that have dryer vent hook ups in fire rated walls. Broward county is one of the strictest regulated areas in the state to build in and thanks to the 22 gauge construction of your product we were still able to give this convenience to our customers without damaging the integrity of the fire rated wall."
Scott Roebuck, SrReg. ProjMgr - Dolben Co., Burlington, MA
"Mr. Harpenau, we spoke earlier this week about The Dryerbox and our interest in your product.  I represent a Real Estate Developer, The DOLBEN Co., building Multi-family communities in the northeast, we construct 700 to 1000 units annually.  We have reviewed your sales brochure and concluded we want to add this product to our project specification book for inclusion in all of our products.  Not very often do you see a product which hits the mark like yours."
Erin Fattorosi - Clever Construction Inc., Kailua-Kona, HI
I work for a custom builder in Hawaii and I search websites all the time for product information and cut sheets.  Your site is great! Very easy to navigate and has all the information you could want.  Good job.  Great product, too.  We plan to put the The Dryerbox in all of our houses from now on."
Bryan Tarantola - Dubbe-Moulder Arch., Jackson Hole, WY
"I like your product a lot; it shows a lot of thought and creativity.  Like most good inventions, it is simple and elegant and solves a problem without a lot of unnecessary frippery.  I specify your product in all the houses we design."
Michael Sinkey - Building & Zoning Director, Stuart, FL
"The Dryerbox greatly simplifies the connection between the clothes dryer and the outside duct for the dryer. The device appears to have energy saving as well as fire prevention potential."
Jon Pasqualone - Fire Prevention Chief, Stuart, FL
"The device appears to have the potential of becoming a standard building material or accessory to be most probably installed by the HVAC contractor in all new or remodeled homes. I was most impressed by its apparent ability to help prevent fires caused by improper venting of the dryer appliance. I would like to pass along the device's genuineness and a good character reference for Rick Harpenau. I hope one day to see the device a standard building code item."
Builders Show Attendee, TX
“Slicker than owl crap”
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