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Current Dryer Fire Articles
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News articles that highlight the importance of properly venting the dryer.
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Dryer Fire Information - Lint Buildup and Improper Venting Create a Real Hazard
Dryer on Fire - ABC News Channel 9 (3/10/2015)
DALLAS BAY, TN - A resident woke to the smell of smoke, called 911 and got out of house.  Dallas Bay VFD arrived at the scene to find a dryer on fire.  Marcus Frits, Chief of Dallas Bay, was first in scene.  Frits was able to knock the flames down.  Other members of Dallas bay helped carry the dryer that was still on fire out of the house.  Damage is about $5,000.
Home Fire Started in Dryer - Great Bend Tribune (3/7/2015)
JOHNSBURG, IL - Firefighters were dispatched to the single-story brick home at 3:35 p.m.  Chief Mike Napolitano said the occupant was standing outside and told firefighters that the dryer was on fire in the basement.  "Crews made their way to the basement where they found the fire and quickly extinguished (it)," Napolitano said. "Fire damage was limited to the room; however, smoke damage was throughout the house.  "The cause of the fire is believed to be the dryer.  It had overheated, catching the dryer lint plastic hose on fire.  The flames traveled up the hose and dropped down on contents in the room, causing the fire to grow quickly."
Firefighters Save Home Following Dryer Fire - Northwest Herald (3/6/2015)
JOHNSBURG, IL - Firefighters were able to put out a dryer fire and keep the home in livable condition.  McHenry Township Fire Protection District officials said they were dispatched for the fire located in the basement of a residential home.  The first unit to respond arrived in five minutes and found the fire in a dryer in the utility room.  Fire district officials said damage was contained to the dryer and the utility room, but said the entire single story home was heavily charged with smoke. Damage is estimated at $7,500.  The cause of the fire is directly related to a lint fire that occurred in the dryer.
Family has Narrow Escape after Dryer Catches Fire - East Grinstead Courier (3/6/2015)
EAST GRINSTEAD, UK - Firefighters were called to a semi-detached house when a tumble dryer left running overnight caught fire and caused serious damage to a family's home.  On arrival, firefighters entered the house to find the ground floor heavily smoke logged.  The fire was rapidly extinguished but the ground floor was left badly damaged by fire and smoke.  The tumble dryer was taken outside and the property was ventilated.
Dryer Fire Destroys Home - By Sarah Hollenbeck - KSHB Kansas City Channel 41 (3/3/2015)
GREENWOOD, MO - A Greenwood, Mo., woman needs to find a new place to live after a fire gutted her home.  Firefighters say the home went up in flames in seconds and started in the clothes dryer.  The woman at 1305 Tyler Lane told police when her dryer ignited, she rushed outside, and within moments, she was homeless.  Clothes dryers cause 15,000 fires a year, more than any other cause.  This time of year, birds are also a big factor.  They often build nests in vents, which can cause blockage and lead to a fire.  Dryer fires result in $90 million in home damage every year across the U.S., according to the CPSC.
Family Displaced After Clarence House Fire - Time Warner Cable News Buffalo (3/2/2015)
CLARENCE, NY - A family in Clarence is out of its home after a dryer fire in their basement.  Harris Hill firefighters said heavy smoke in the basement made it tough to find the fire when they responded.  The flames did spread to the first floor.
Parrot and Cat Killed in Fire - Lancashire Telegraph (3/2/2015)
LANCASHIRE, UK - A pet parrot and cat have been killed in a Oswaldtwistle house fire.  They died after a dryer caught fire in the front room of a home in Frederick Street.  Two dogs, believed to be a Jack Russell and a terrier, were rescued by firefighters from Accrington Fire Station.  Firefighters wore breathing masks to enter the middle-aged woman's terraced home and rescue the two dogs.  The front room was badly damaged by fire, while the remainder of the house suffered severe smoke damage, Mr Drinkwater added.
Fire Damages Home - By Assistant Chief Jim Eden - Lee's Summit Tribune (3/2/2015)
GREENWOOD, MO - The Lee's Summit Fire Department responded to a reported structure fire.  The occupant called 911 and reported the dryer was on fire.  The first arriving fire crew reported heavy involvement of the first and second floor.  Firefighters knocked down the fire in the ground floor basement area before entering the structure to extinguish the fire on the second floor.  The fire caused extensive damage to the house.
Clothes Dryer Fire Damages Home - By Rafael Guerrero - Yakima Herald (2/26/2015)
TOPPENISH, WA - A home was damaged after a fire started in a clothes dryer, according to a Toppenish Fire Department news release.  Firefighters said a smoke detector alerted a 13-year-old boy who was inside with his three brothers, while their parents were away at work.  The boy went to the laundry room and found the dryer in flames, which spread quickly.  The brothers left the house and called 911.  According to the news release, firefighters contained the fire to the utility room and bathroom.  Part of the attic was also damaged.  Damage is estimated between $35,000 and $40,000.
Clothes Dryer Ignites $150,000 Blaze - By Richard Brooks - The Riverside County Press Enterprise (2/24/2015)
CHINO HILLS, CA - A clothes dryer ignited a fire that caused $150,000 damage and displaced both of the house's residents, fire officials say.  Two vehicles burned in the garage and the entire house sustained smoke damage, Chino Valley Fire District spokeswoman Massiel Ladron De Guevara said in a written statement.  The incident underscores the need to check and clean household clothes dryers, fire officials say.  "Lint can build up in your dryer or in the exhaust duct ..., blocking airflow and causing excessive heat buildup that can result in a fire," according to the statement.  Dryers should be professionally installed and serviced, officials say.  The exhuaust vent pipe and vent flap should be peridoically inspected.  Finally, officials say, once a year -- or whenever the machine begins to take longer than usual to dry clothes -- lint should be removed from the vent pipe.
Clothes Dryer Causes Fire that Displaces Four - KXXV ABC News Channel 25 (2/24/2015)
TEMPLE, TX - A house fire that investigators say started because of a clothes dryer has displaced four people from their home.  The first responding unit saw heavy smoke coming from the wood frame house and called for additional units.  Crews were able to get the fire under control.  The kitchen, living room, and attic received heavy fire damage, with smoke and heat damage to the rest of the house.  Four were displaced by the fire.
Dryer Fire Closes Road - By Roland Cilliers - Huntsville Forester (2/24/2015)
HUNTSVILLE, ON CANADA - Firefighter crews from Huntsville and Port Sydney were called to a home on West Road.  Crews found heavy smoke when they entered the building.  Firefighters were able to quickly able to deal with the fire but not before it reached the structure's roof.  The residence was occupied by a single resident who was alerted by a carbon monoxide detector.  He was able to exit safely.  The source of the fire was a dryer.
Family Loses Everything in Dryer Fire - By Jerrika Insco - WLOS ABC Channel 13 News (2/20/2015)
BREVARD, NC - A Brevard family lost their home Friday morning in a dryer fire.  Chief Craig Budzinski with the Brevard Fire Department says the fire sparked at 10 a.m. in the laundry room.  Of the seven living in the home, five family members were inside at the time of the fire.  Even though they're left without their belongings and with only what's on their backs, everyone got out safely.
Fire Wrecks House - By Danielle Salisbury - Michigan Live (2/20/2015)
TOMPKINS TWP, MI - When Fannie Cornwell heard there was a dryer fire at her home, she figured she would have a mess in the laundry room.  "I didn't expect to come home to this," Cornwell, 67, said.  The fire looks to have destroyed Cornwell's house.  More than an hour after the initial call, flames were still visible, shooting up from the back of the house, and smoke filled the yard.
Family Displaced by Fire - By Allan Vought - The Baltimore Sun (2/19/2015)
EDGEWOOD, MD - A fire in a two-story townhouse in the 3300 block of Midland Court displaced the owner and her 13-year-old daughter; there were no injuries to the occupants or firefighters reported, Senior Deputy Chief Fire Marshal Oliver Alkire said.  The fire was caused by a clothes dryer, according to investigators.  Damage is estimated at $100,000 to the dwelling and $50,000 to contents.  The owner and her daughter are being helped by Harford Disaster Assistance.  The Midland Court fire was brought under control by 40 firefighters from Abingdon, Joppa-Magnolia and Bel Air volunteer fire companies and the Aberdeen Proving Ground Fire Department.
Dryer Fire Forces Evacuation - By Cameron Macko - The State News (2/19/2015)
EAST LANSING, MI - A little before 3:30 p.m., residents and students in class rooms in Hubbard Hall heard the familiar sound of a fire alarm ringing throughout the building.  "I thought it was a drill at first, to be honest," said mechanical engineering freshman Cameron Ploss.  Then he left his dorm to see a hallway, the fourth floor of South Hubbard Hall, filled with smoke.  Lt. Chuck Gagnier, of East Lansing Fire Department, said that the fire was a common dryer fire, and that the fire department was able to quickly put the fire out.  However, the smoke did not stay isolated in the basement, finding a way to climb to the top of the building through the ventilation system.  An hour and a half after the alarm was first pulled, residents were allowed back into South Hubbard Hall.
Dryer to Blame for Blaze - WTHR NBC Channel 13 News (2/16/2015)
INDIANAPOLIS, IN - A family of two and their seven dogs escaped their burning home early Monday morning after they say the clothes dryer caught fire and they couldn't put it out.  The family had lived in the home for 30 years.  The home had working smoke detectors and damage is estimated at $60,000.
Dryer Fire Spreads, Displaces Family - By Eric Kurhi - San Jose Mercury News (2/15/2015)
SAN JOSE, CA - A dryer fire got out of control and badly damaged a home in the Cambrian neighborhood Sunday afternoon, displacing a family of four.  San Jose fire Capt. Mike Van Elgort said the fire department got the call after the family had unsuccessfully tried to douse the blaze.  "When we got there we saw it was already pretty well-involved," Van Elgort said. "The whole front of the house was on fire and it was threatening the property next door."
Home Saved from Dryer Fire - Morristown Green (2/8/2015)
MORRISTOWN, NJ - A Morristown family should be able to return to its home Sunday night after firefighters extinguished a dryer fire in the basement.  "Nothing was damaged structurally. There's a lot of smoke, which we're ventilating," said Fire Chief Robert Flanagan.  Asked for safety tips concerning dryers, the chief said: "The most important thing with dryers is to keep the vents clear, or they heat up."
Warning about Dryer Fires after Man Killed in Blaze - By John Matarese - WCPO ABC Channel 9 News (2/6/2015)
GOSHEN, IN - A fatal fire has local fire departments urging Tri-Staters to inspect their clothes dryers.  Benjamin Ledford, 33, died in the basement of his home, trapped by smoke and flames, authorities said.  A neighbor's claims that a clothes dryer fire was to blame for Ledford's death.  "I went around the back of the door in back of the house and saw that the dryer vent… was on fire," neighbor Ron Mitchell said.  A review of fire inspection reports obtained from the Ohio Fire Marshal's Office revealed there were 580 clothes dryer fires across Ohio in 2013 and 2014.  Nearly one in four was caused by lint buildup inside the dryer.  Cleaning the "lint trap" alone is not enough to prevent fires.
Firefighter Hurt, 4 Homeless in House Fire - By Barry Kriger - WWLP Channel 22 News (2/5/2015)
CHICOPEE, MA - A Chicopee firefighter was taken to Baystate Medical Center after being hurt outside a burning home.  Acting Chicopee Deputy Fire Chief Wayne Lemay told 22News firefighters were called for a report of a dryer fire.  "A rear first floor room was fully involved in flames," Acting Deputy Lemay told 22News.  Acting Deputy Lemay said a firefighter suffered an unspecified injury outside the house.
Dryer Lint Build-up | House Fire - The Prescott Daily Courier(2/5/2015)
PRESCOTT VALLEY, AZ - Fire officials believe an accumulation of dryer lint is to blame for a house fire.  "There was smoke pouring out of the eaves of the house when I arrived," Battalion Chief Brad Davis said.  "The fire was contained to the laundry room but there was extensive smoke throughout the house."
Two Firefighters Injured in Fire - By Andrew Metcalf - Bethesda Magazine (2/2/2015)
BETHESDA, MD - A two-alarm blaze destroyed part of a Bethesda apartment building.  Firefighters encountered significant flames, but all occupants were able to escape, according to fire department spokesman Pete Piringer.  Two firefighters suffered minor non-burn injuries extinguishing the two-alarm blaze.  Piringer said the fire was caused by lint in a dryer vent catching fire.  The fire displaced two families—including at least three adults and two children—and caused an estimated $1 million in damage, Piringer said.  After the fire, investigators found vent pipes "100 [percent]" clogged with lint, according to Piringer.
Firefighters Put Out Dryer Fire - The Findlay Courier (2/1/2015)
FINDLAY, OH - Firefighters extinguished a dryer fire Saturday morning.  Fourteen firefighters responded to the scene, where burned clothing was removed from the dryer and smoke was cleared from the building.  The department reported $2,500 in property loss and a $200 loss of contents.  Firefighters were at the scene for 45 minutes.
Dryer Lint Blamed in House Fire - By Nathan Phelps - Greenbay Press Gazette (1/29/2015)
ALLOUEZ, WI - A basement fire that caused about $15,000 in damage was caused by a buildup of lint in the dryer and its vent tube.  Green Bay Metro Fire Department officials say the department responds to these kinds of fires several times a year, but it's likely a more common occurrence than reported.  There was fire damage to the basement and smoke damage to the first and second floors.
Weekend Fire - By John Turk - The Oakland Press (1/25/2015)
TROY, MI - No one was hurt Saturday afternoon in a condominium fire that started in a dryer, investigators report.  Arriving Troy Fire Department personnel saw smoke coming from a four-unit condo, entered to extinguish the fire and check for residents inside.  Firefighters put out the blaze, which started in the basement, before it spread throughout the building, officials say.  Troy Assistant Fire Chief David Roberts said in a statement that the fire started in a dryer in the basement.  Roberts said: "The Troy Fire Department reminds residents to inspect their dryer and the exhaust duct to ensure there is no lint buildup which, if not removed over time, can ignite."
Dryer Fire Leveled Home - By Ryan McLaughlin - Bangor Daily News (1/14/2015)
GLENBURN, ME - Subzero temperatures Wednesday morning gave firefighters a bit of trouble as they battled a blaze at a mobile home on Ohio Street.  Crews from five communities were called to the scene, Glenburn Fire Chief David Braley said.  The call came in as a dryer fire, but by the time firefighters arrived, the blaze had spread and fire was blowing out through the front of the residence, Braley said.  Braley said the dryer was the main culprit of the fire, which was under control within two hours.
Dryer Fire Damages Apartment - The Daily Pantograph (1/12/2015)
NORMAL, IL - A fire in a clothes dryer caused about $10,000 in damage to a Normal apartment building Monday morning and left one family displaced.  Normal firefighters met a resident outside who said a clothes dryer inside her apartment was on fire, and it was spreading.  They found heavy smoke inside the apartment and used a thermal imaging camera to locate the laundry room.  There was heavy fire and smoke damage to the apartment's laundry room and moderate heat and smoke damage to the rest of the apartment.
Fire Chief says Fire Started in Clothes Dryer - North Umberland News (1/10/2015)
BEWDLEY, ON CANADA - A fire that destroyed a home started in a dryer, according to the fire chief.   Hamilton Township firefighters spent hours battling the fire that engulfed the Oak Street house.  Crews were called to the scene at 2:23 p.m., said Hamilton Township Fire Chief Kelly Serson.  On Jan. 11 Chief Serson went back to the house to investigate the cause of the fire and determined it started in the clothes dryer.  It is believed two cats died in the blaze, said Chief Serson.  Crews tried to enter the home but were overtaken by heat and smoke, he added. Neighbours watched as the fire consumed the home.
Homes Hit by Fire - Ottawa Sun (1/7/2015)
GLOUCESTER, CANADA - A dryer fire forced a Gloucester family from their home and caused an estimated $25,000 in damage to the townhouse unit, the Ottawa fire department says.  When firefighters arrived at the three-storey townhouse, they discovered a fire in the laundry room, a fire services report states.  They quickly extinguished the flames.  A woman and her three children were home at the time.  No injuries were reported, but the occupants have been forced to relocate.
Dryer Fire Causes Smoke Damage to House - SC Times (1/5/2015)
St. Cloud, MN - The St. Cloud Fire Department responded to a dryer fire early Monday morning. The fire was contained to the dryer, according to Battalion Chief Greg Newinski, but smoke and soot damage to the home could run into the thousands of dollars to clean up.
Dryer Fire Damages Apartment - By Tom Smith - Times Daily (1/5/2015)
FLORENCE, AL - A Sunday night fire damaged an apartment, authorities said.  Florence Fire Marshall Danny Simbeck said the fire was in Apartment A1 of the complex on Mars Hill Road.  Reports indicate the fire was reported to authorities around 10 p.m.  "It was a dryer fire and the firefighters were able to get it out very quickly," Simbeck said.
Fire Crews Knock Down Basement Fire - By Wes Duplantier - New Haven Register (1/2/2015)
NEW HAVEN, CT - City firefighters extinguished a dryer fire in the basement of an apartment in the city's Annex section Friday afternoon.  At least one person was displaced.  Traffic was blocked on Quinnipiac Avenue between Lancraft and Fulton streets as crews cleared the scene.
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