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Saves Space
More living area space
laundry room, crawl space, vent pipe, dryer ventingNew home construction ranges from $65 a square foot to over $500.  Every square foot in your home has considerable value.  Historically the metal 4" exhaust pipe came right through the drywall or plaster wall and provided enough penetration to connect the flex transition hose between the dryer appliance and the exhaust pipe. 

dryer lint, lint build-up, lint trap, flex hose This connection hose usually lies on the floor requiring two tight bends to compensate for the locations of these two ports.  At a minimum, these bends require about 5" of space between the appliance and the wall.  When measured, a typical 27" wide dryer along with a matching washer held out just over 5" encompasses more than two square feet of living area.  At this point the cost of the Dryerbox paid itself off 12 times over.

For the Architect, layout of walls, closets and doorframes is very critical. Many times the designer forgets to provide a full 5” of space behind the dryer and the result is a door that won’t shut or an appliance that ends up in the hallway. The Dryerbox can and does provide a valuable specification for the construction plans.

For the Builder, The Dryerbox® virtually eliminates callbacks due to clothes dryers not working properly.  Large builders can answer maintenance calls relating to the dryer twice a week.  Safely recessing the transition hose in the wall makes the laundry room look and feel larger.
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