New Pipe Support Tab Makes Dryerbox Installation a Breeze
(Jupiter, FL - September 7, 2006)  Jupiter, FL - November 21, 2006. In-O-Vate Technologies, the manufacturer of the Dryerbox, has introduced a new, patent pending feature for their popular vent hose receptacle. The Dryerbox will now include a duct support tab in the top port that assists in maintaining the ideal penetration length of 2 inches for Snaplock rigid conduit. The installer simply creates a “hook” by bending the innovative tab at the two scored locations. At that point, the installer sets in the length of Snaplock pipe and continues with the balance of the duct run with minimal worry that the duct is too far into the receptacle. After the duct run is complete and the pipe supported, the contractor simply breaks away the temporary support tab.

In the past, contractors may have allowed the rigid exhaust conduit to protrude further into the box than the instructions intended. In that case, the receptacle does not provide sufficient height or space to facilitate the proper recoiling and storage of the flex transition hose. Ideally, the rigid pipe should only protrude two inches into the Dryerbox. This provides adequate vertical height to collect the flex transition hose.

“Introduction of the pipe support tab has been well received by HVAC contractors across the country,” reports James Ortiz, Director of Distribution for In-O-Vate Technologies. The new tab feature will start appearing on Model 425 Dryerboxes in the 4th quarter of 2006 through over 1,500 HVAC supply houses across the United States. According to company president, Rick Harpenau, the model 350 for 2x4 walls, will also feature the support tab but will be available after March of 2007.

The Dryerbox is a simple UL classified metal receptacle that collects the flex exhaust hose neatly and safely behind the dryer. Known for its record of making homes safer, more efficient and more spacious, the Dryerbox is already installed in over 1.4 million homes. Its popularity with builders is due, in part, to the fact it helps minimize service calls and it eliminates one elbow which effectively gains five feet of duct run under most building codes.

About In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc.: Based in Jupiter, FL, In-O-Vate Technologies designs, markets and manufactures innovative new products. The family of products invented include The Dryerbox®, The Downbox™, The Dryer-Ell™ and LintAlert™ boasting annual sales in excess of $5 million.
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