New Version of The Popular Dryerbox

(Jupiter, FL - November 2004) In-O-Vate Technologies introduced a new version of their popular Dryerbox™ vent receptacle facilitating a downward exhaust direction. For houses built on stem wall or for second floor laundry rooms, this new Down-Box receptacle provides all the same benefits of their original model. The simple, yet innovative, product saves space in the laundry room, allows the clothes dryer to operate more efficiently and reduces a common household fire hazard.

To date, over 750,000 of their original units are installed in homes across the country. The popularity of using a receptacle to house and collect the flex dryer hose in the cell of the wall has grown remarkably over the past several years. The Dryerbox™ allows the clothes dryer to be pushed back against the wall of a laundry room, providing an additional square foot of work space and it allows the dryer to be positioned without fear of kinking the exhaust hose.

“As builders, architects, inspectors, subcontractors and homeowners see the product for themselves, they are asking why this wasn’t available sooner. It really is a common sense type of product.” Product is available from over 900 HVAC supply houses. To the trade; approx. $18-20 ea.
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