Design Enhancement To The Dryerbox
Innovative tweak to The Dryerbox facilitates
the gas connection for residential clothes dryers
(Jupiter, FL - November 2003) In-O-Vate Technologies Inc., who developed The Dryerbox for new home construction, has very recently incorporated a “gas port” to the already popular receptacle that installs in the wall behind the dryer. This simple, yet innovative, product saves space in the laundry room, allows the clothes dryer to operate more efficiently and reduces a common household fire hazard. To-date, over 500,000 units are installed in homes across the country.

The gas port, according to Rick Harpenau, President, has been sought after by tradesman from the initial introduction of the recessed dryer vent receptacle back in 1998. According to the Appliance Manufacturing industry, 1/5 of the dryer appliances are gas and require a gas valve and tubing to be installed behind the dryer. The Dryerbox includes enough additional room to facilitate the necessary valve and connection.

A common “knock out” type covering will make it easy for the gas tradesman to insert the 1/2” galvanized pipe into the receptacle. Production of the new Dryerbox started in June and have worked their way into the market successfully.

The Dryerbox allows the storage and recoiling of the flex transition hose between the dryer and the wall connection to take place inside the wall cavity, eliminating the zig-zag of ductwork most households have tolerated for decades.

Similar in function to the plastic receptacle now commonly found behind washing machines to house the plumbing connections, The Dryerbox allows the clothes dryer to be pushed back against the wall of a laundry room, providing an additional square foot of work space and it allows the dryer to be positioned without fear of kinking the exhaust hose.

“It might take five or ten years, but we believe that almost every new home will eventually be built with a Dryerbox behind the dryer,” said Rick Harpenau, President of In-O-Vate Technologies Inc. “As builders, architects, inspectors, subcontractors and homeowners see the product for themselves; they are asking why this wasn’t available sooner. It really is a common sense type of product.”

For the air-distribution supplier, it’s not a matter of if you’ll carry The Dryerbox, it’s when!
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