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Dryerbox Video, preventing crushed dryer exhaust vent hose and saving space in the laundry room.
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Quick Introduction
The Vent Hose Receptacle That Finishes the Laundry Room Right

Dryerbox Introductory Movie Transcript   (Click Here to Close Transcript)

Historically, the metal 4 exhaust pipe came right through the wall where the homeowner would commonly connect the flex transition hose. Often wed find the appliance was pushed back so far that the hose was completely cut off.

This simple metal receptacle installs in the wall behind the dryer in new construction offering the builder, homeowner and tradesmen a much safer and efficient way to run the dryer exhaust. Our award winning, UL classified Dryerbox doubles as a gas connection receptacle and eliminates an elbow typically installed behind the dryer.

To date, over 2 million Dryerbox units are installed in homes across the country. The popularity of using a receptacle to house and collect the flex dryer hose in the cell of the wall has grown remarkably over the past decade.
  • Elbow Eliminator - Gain 5+ Feet Duct Run

  • Efficient Receptacle for Flex Transition Hose

  • Eliminates Mess and Prevents Crushed Hose

  • Installs in the Cell of the Wall Behind Dryer

  • UL Classified - Approved for 1 Hour Wall
Learn More About Efficient Dryer Venting with a Dryer Accessory that Finishes the Laundry Right
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