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Dryerbox Drywall Installation Instructions
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Clean Drywall Finish
Get a Simpler Zip Cut and Cleaner Finish with Built in Corner Beads
  • Extension Rim Provides a Built-in Corner Bead

  • Rotozip Blade is Guided by the Corner Bead

  • Corner Bead Protects Drywall and Provides
    a Reveal the Drywall Neatly Butts up Against

  • Full Model Specifications and Instructions:
    Model Number Wall Size Exhaust Direction
    425 2x6 Upward*
    350 2x4 Upward
    4D 2x6 Downward
    3D 2x4 Downward
    * For stackable or pedastal dryers with downward exhaust direction install this model upside-down

    Drywall Finishing Movie Transcript   (Click Here to Close Transcript)

    The extension rim on the Dryerbox protrudes 7/8's of an inch from the nailing flange offering a built in corner bead.

    A roto zip spiral saw type tool will cut out the opening just like any other receptacle creating a small crevice that gets caulked by the painter when he caulks the baseboard.

    This built in corner bead rim protects the drywall from damage and provide enough of a reveal for the trim carpenter to butt his baseboard to.
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